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Load CSV files when behind Corporate Proxy

  • neo4j version, desktop version, browser version: Docker 4.0.4
  • which plugins / extensions / procedures do you use: load csv

So I'm running in Docker behind a corporate proxy. The http_proxy and https_proxy ENV variables are set, but Neo4j doesn't seem to consider them when running a load csv with headers from type of command. Is there a way to tell Neo4j to use a proxy for its web requests?



A couple of questions might help us narrow in on a solution.

  1. What is the exact error you are seeing and where? examples/screenshots?
  2. How are you running the cypher command? Neo4j client somewhere? Neo4j command line tool from within docker, or on the host where docker is running?
  3. are the http addresses you want to access white listed in the Neo4j config?