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Liquigraph to liquibase migration: Validation Failed change sets check sum

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I'm migrating my current Spring Boot Application from liquigraph usage to liquibase 4.10.0.

I have executed successfully the liquigraph migrate-to-liquibase command as documented here: Migrate to Liquibase - Liquigraph

/liquigraph-cli/ migrate-to-liquibase \
  --changelog infrastructure/neo4j-adapter/neo4j-adapter-migration/src/main/resources/db/liquigraph/changelog.xml \
  --url jdbc:neo4j:bolt://localhost \
  --file ./liquibase.xml

I include liquibase-core and liquibase-neo4j (both at version 4.10.0) into my spring boot application and set in my application.yml:

    change-log: classpath:liquibase.xml

When my spring boot application starts, I get the following error:

Caused by: liquibase.exception.ValidationFailedException: Validation Failed:
     11 change sets check sum
          liquibase.xml::cof. was: 8:4f6f103bc9778b4279c12637aa23db4d but is now: 8:50eb2e5b8b4df0fee307ca4b60a52363
          liquibase.xml::cof. was: 8:0227810d1693b795cbfeabcf0f96c8c3 but is now: 8:9505b36e309178461d1db23fe4f6bd1e
          liquibase.xml::cof. was: 8:cbdd7a7eddfaf845542de0da9e0780b1 but is now: 8:d7863e386ac188e732e6e5b5ebe96fd9
          liquibase.xml::cof. was: 8:a5f34bfc90cb5c0b2dba609a1c55749e but is now: 8:bcd2d0d35d3889c904856a780985d8ce
          liquibase.xml::cof. was: 8:e4f58cd2930a62de6823d5b688f18cf7 but is now: 8:b70bafc9838f4e8da4dc9833fd01ccb8
          liquibase.xml::cof. was: 8:d00d53028def4e4909d1c7f95e287757 but is now: 8:59db271c915664055f8217a813bf1527
          liquibase.xml::cof. was: 8:17beaa171d1c078dd59ad058c3779bc9 but is now: 8:4b6ddcbc8c60f257b671b765a05c6d84
          liquibase.xml::cof. was: 8:ca246a0f0f44cdca384a8961ff380338 but is now: 8:07802c04a9edf0d5fe4c440800dcdc5c
          liquibase.xml::cof. was: 8:0b43e5509d178a99414b356c742f5748 but is now: 8:a702293ea772f916838004623863ba83
          liquibase.xml::cof. was: 8:f003b0450278f23feb8720ef42405fd4 but is now: 8:bea8ff0bca26b780111348bbc62ec8e6
          liquibase.xml::cof. was: 8:eb3669c160b865340be4a69d9d62e4da but is now: 8:224bbb06387c0a50ef93b4c216c1a0c5

	at liquibase.changelog.DatabaseChangeLog.validate(
	at liquibase.Liquibase.lambda$update$1(
	at liquibase.Scope.lambda$child$0(
	at liquibase.Scope.child(
	at liquibase.Scope.child(
	at liquibase.Scope.child(
	at liquibase.Liquibase.runInScope(
	at liquibase.Liquibase.update(
	at liquibase.Liquibase.update(
	at liquibase.integration.spring.SpringLiquibase.performUpdate(
	at liquibase.integration.spring.SpringLiquibase.afterPropertiesSet(
	... 17 common frames omitted

This is weird, I have a little more than 80 changesets.

So only a subset of the hash computation was failed.

I don't know if it rings a bell for someone.

I'm a bit concerned at publishing the migrations in a public forum since it's for a real application ;(

I can send them in mp



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Hi, just for the record

I finished liquigraph -> liquibase migration some weeks ago.

Issues I had

  1. As noted before, I had an issue on the checkSum computation (the migration CLI gave some bad value for some migrations)

  2. Another issue particular to my project is that liquigraph migrations came from 2 locations:

  • my own application
  • but also a reusable library

When I executed the liquigraph migration tool all the migrations where extracted to the same file and hence with the same changeLog property (liquibase.xml)

What I did

  1. Execute the migration tool on my develop branch (and on a dev db) - see Migrate to Liquibase - Liquigraph
  2. Change the generated liquibase.xml (i.e. move that to subfolder as you like, and change the changeLog values in this file). In this step I needed to split the liquibase.xml into 2 files (one for my app and another for the reusable lib)
    These files will be now stored in my gitlab repos (src/main/resources similar to the previous liquigraph migrations)
  3. Remove the liquigraph migrations
    Now you have you liquibase powered migration.
    I now need to handle the existing production/tests databases.
  4. Since I'm using kubernetes, I create an init container for the liquigraph -> liquibase migration, in this container I execute:
    a. the liquigraph migration tool
    b. and the script to handle the manipulations I did on step 2 and to fix the checksum computation issue
    Something like:
// fix checksums
MATCH (cs:`__LiquibaseChangeSet`)
WHERE cs.changeLog = 'liquibase.xml'
SET cs.checkSum = null;

// changelog path customisation
MATCH (cs:`__LiquibaseChangeSet`)
WHERE cs.changeLog = 'liquibase.xml'
SET cs.changeLog = 'db/changelog/V3.0/S74/myapp.3.0.74-1_migration_liquigraph_liquibase.xml';

And that's all

I hope this can help someone


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