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Limit for multiple selection of nodes and relationships

The data model is as shown in the above diagram.
The queries are generated based on multiple selections of nodes and relationships. A sample query is as follows:

MATCH (Ve_0:Node4)-[Su_2:Rel1]->(Ma_1:Node3) WHERE Ma_1.property1 IN ['A','B','C']
OPTIONAL MATCH (Ma_1)-[St_5:Rel2]->(Pl_4:Node2)
OPTIONAL MATCH (Pl_4)-[Sh_8:Rel3]->(Cu_7:Node1)
OPTIONAL MATCH (Ma_1)-[De_11:Rel4]->(Cu_7)
OPTIONAL MATCH (Ve_0)-[Su_14:Rel5]->(Pl_4)
RETURN Ve_0,Ma_1,Su_2,Pl_4,St_5,Cu_7,Sh_8,De_11,Su_14

Considering the above query, the limit is applied to the combination used in the return statement. 100 records of Ve_0,Ma_1,Su_2,Pl_4,St_5,Cu_7,Sh_8,De_11,Su_14 are returned.

How to apply the limit on each entity/relation in the graph? (Ve_0 10, Ma_1 20, Su_2 30 and so on)

Also, when limit 100 is used A is only returned along with other nodes and relationships, for limit 300 A and B both are returned, ideally A, B, C must be returned for any limit.

Request you to suggest some changes in the queries to achieve the same.


Node Clone

You could use RETURN and LIMIT multiple times if you use subqueries: