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Latest neo4j desktop (Ubuntu 16.04) - fails to go online

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Hi all,
I downloaded the neo4j desktop - last night on to my ubuntu (16.04)... I am running a local neo4j server. I am able to connect via browser (http://localhost:7474) - all good.
However when I run the desktop - I get an error "No Internet Connection" - my internet connection is all fine though.

I wanted to install the APOC plugin - and explore the algorithms (studying the Graph Algorithms book) - I can install the plugins manually - however, just wanted to report the error (so it would help troubleshoot the issue)...

I see the following on console:

[14:33:40.0557] [info] Application is offline.
[14:33:40.0560] [info] Action[APPLICATION_OFFLINE] { type: 'APPLICATION_OFFLINE' }
[14:33:40.0587] [info] Checking online status...
[14:33:59.0103] [error] Error: Max tries exceeded
    at run (/tmp/.mount_neo4j-DqP7kg/resources/app.asar/dist/
    at run (/tmp/.mount_neo4j-DqP7kg/resources/app.asar/dist/

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Falling back to


Everything works fine... I was able to login using my social media id, for example...

Hope this helps someone...

--- thanks atul

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