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Latency in retrievals with relationships in SDN 6.0

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With the latest version of SDN 6.0.0-M2, I have below observation as of now. When we go with either dynamic relationship or Relationship Properties, records are saving in database quickly, but retrieval taking more time compared to Old SDN 5.3.3 version.

In new version, below are the syntaxes to create either dynamic relationship or Relationship Properties,

Syntax for relationship with properties: Below syntax represents Sponsor relationship between two member nodes.

Syntax for dynamic relationship without any properties: Below syntax represents Sponsor relationship between two member nodes. In the Map, key-String represents the relationship name, that we can configure dynamically.


When I am trying to get Member data using below JPA method, system taking more time when any of the above relationships exists in the Member entity class. It is taking 7 mins to get the single Member data using below method (findByMemberId()) from latest version SDN 6.0.0. In old version SDN 5.3.3 – getting same member data within a second. This issue especially occurring only when there is a relationship exists between two nodes with same labels. Here, we are referring relationship between two member nodes of same label.




Below are the few reasons why we are planning to go with 6.0.0-M2 instead of 5.3.3. Other than that 5.3.3 is far much better and stable version.

  • Connecting to specific database from application
  • Dynamic Relationship Types creation from application. ( Possible only when there are no properties present on Relationship )
  • We can use both reactive as well as non-reactive neo4j repository as per need.

Can someone please help me on this latest version latency w.r.t retrievals.