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Label Propagation and Weakly Connected Components stuck at loading even though log says 'Finished'

Node Clone

I have below queries. Even though log says 'Finished', Neo4j browser stucks at loading and doesn't show the results.



CALL 'entityGraph', {concurrency: 4} ) YIELD nodeId, communityId RETURN nodeId, communityId





RETURN nodeId, componentId



I have a graph with about 1 billion relationships and 15 million nodes. What might be the cause of this?

When I stop the execution from the browser below exception is thrown :

022-06-13 18:10:59.612+0000 DEBUG [o.n.b.v.m.BoltResponseMessageWriterV3] Encoding a fatal failure message to send. Message: FAILURE Invalid Message 'PULL Map{qid -> Long(0), n -> Long(1000)}' cannot be handled by a session in the READY state.
2022-06-13 18:10:59.613+0000 ERROR [o.n.b.r.DefaultBoltConnection] Protocol breach detected in bolt session 'bolt-2'.
org.neo4j.bolt.runtime.BoltProtocolBreachFatality: Message 'PULL Map{qid -> Long(0), n -> Long(1000)}' cannot be handled by a session in the READY state.
	at org.neo4j.bolt.runtime.statemachine.impl.AbstractBoltStateMachine.nextState( ~[neo4j-bolt-4.4.7.jar:4.4.7]
	at org.neo4j.bolt.runtime.statemachine.impl.AbstractBoltStateMachine.process( ~[neo4j-bolt-4.4.7.jar:4.4.7]
	at org.neo4j.bolt.messaging.BoltRequestMessageReader.lambda$doRead$1( ~[neo4j-bolt-4.4.7.jar:4.4.7]
	at org.neo4j.bolt.runtime.DefaultBoltConnection.lambda$enqueue$0( ~[neo4j-bolt-4.4.7.jar:4.4.7]
	at org.neo4j.bolt.runtime.DefaultBoltConnection.processNextBatchInternal( ~[neo4j-bolt-4.4.7.jar:4.4.7]
	at org.neo4j.bolt.runtime.DefaultBoltConnection.processNextBatch( ~[neo4j-bolt-4.4.7.jar:4.4.7]
	at org.neo4j.bolt.runtime.DefaultBoltConnection.processNextBatch( ~[neo4j-bolt-4.4.7.jar:4.4.7]
	at org.neo4j.bolt.runtime.scheduling.ExecutorBoltScheduler.executeBatch( ~[neo4j-bolt-4.4.7.jar:4.4.7]
	at org.neo4j.bolt.runtime.scheduling.ExecutorBoltScheduler.lambda$scheduleBatchOrHandleError$3( ~[neo4j-bolt-4.4.7.jar:4.4.7]
	at java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture$ [?:?]
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( [?:?]
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ [?:?]
	at [netty-common-4.1.75.Final.jar:4.1.75.Final]
	at [?:?]

I think this is probably an issue with browser formatting/displaying the streaming results for 15M nodes.

If you want to check what the actual status of execution is, I would try gds.beta.listProgress to confirm that the operations finished. If you want to inspect the results, instead of streaming them in browser, I would try running stats mode (to understand the distribution).

If you need to get the results for a downstream task, I'd recommend using the python client or mutating the graph and exporting to CSV.