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kShortestPaths with k=1 gives different results to shortestPath


I'm want to use the kShortestPaths algorithm to generate the best shortest paths, but it's behaving strangely.

I tried setting k to 1, expecting that would give the same result as the shortestPath algorithm, but it doesn't. The shortestPath algorithm gives what looks like the right results with 6 edges. The kShortestPaths with k=1 gave a huge list of nodeIds (so big the browser truncated it), and a path that was null. If I also add maxDepth=20 I get a much shorter path, but not the same one as the one from shortestPath (it has 9 nodes, 8 edges).

If I do k=3 I get 3 paths, but the second is shorter than the first. And all are longer than with k=1.
This is using GDS version 1.1.6 and Neo4j 3.5.25.

No weights are involved so the cost should just be the number of edges?

A typical query is

MATCH (a:F2 {smiles: 'CC(=O)NCCc1c[nH]c2ccc(F)cc12'}),(b:F2 {smiles: 'Cc1nnc(CN2CCC=C(F)C2)s1'})
CALL{startNode: a, endNode: b, nodeProjection: 'F2', k: 1, maxDepth: 20,
relationshipProjection: {FRAG: {type: 'FRAG', orientation: 'UNDIRECTED' }}})
YIELD nodeIds RETURN nodeIds;

Graph Buddy

Please upgrade the Neo4j and GDS library versions and then retry again to see if it is gives proper results.


Yes, I tried with Neo 4.2.1 and GDS 1.5.0 and the behaviour is much better.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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