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Issues with AWS instance running into critical errors, asking for restarts, then refusing connection

Node Clone

I have a project that is still in development, so only ~100 nodes have been created. It is hosted on an AWS ec2 m3.medium and the ami is "neo4j-enterprise-1-3.4.1 2018-06-14T07_13_29Z (ami-2a652655)" I'm starting to run into issues where the CPU utilization is going through the roof and I am getting an ERRConection refused type message from GraphQL. The whole issue started about a week ago when thedatabase said it had hit a critical error and needed to be rebooted.

I did the reboot and it worked fine. Since then I have done a lot of reboots and restarts and still seem to be hitting some space issues.

But as I was writing this post, it randomly went back down?

When I am SSH'd in and run df -h I get the following

I searched through this folder and found everything in the proc/kcore, which seems to be virtual memory and not real memory.

Seems like a long shot because I don't think it's really a Neo4j issue, but checking to see if anyone else has had related problems.


You can check your disk usage, e.g. by drilling down via du -sh $(ls -d1 /*/)
and then going deeper

Not sure why you're out of space, perhaps backups or transaction logs?

I'm not sure either. It only takes about 10 minutes to spin another instance, so I went ahead and stopped that one. When I get some time, I'll try and do some additional research and respond to this thread.