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Importing Large amount of Data .NET

Node Clone

I have larger amount of data in the following form : 

The nodes tree of data in the form of class containing list of the other 

for example : 

Class site {

string name;

List<equipment> equipment;


Class equipment{

string name;

List<Tags> tags;



list of sites having list of equipment and every equipment  has list of tags

lists containing lists , how can i add this large amount of data in this form ?



You mean with Cypher or Neo4jClient ? The latter has afaik batching operations built in.

With Cypher you can pass your data e.g. as list of dictionaries and then use UNWIND 


Actually I am using Neo4j Driver , Can you give me a code example for C# "Site" object has list of "Equipment" objects because i am still a little confused about how to implement your solution