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Import CSV from Googlesheets and created Rows but it does not create Nodes /Properties

Hi Team,
Request your help, I am trying to create Nodes and its properties and input data for the same. For that I have import CSV file with the data as shown below, I successfully imported and got message as below. But I am not able to see a single Node created when I run Match(n) and Return(n)

Kindly guide - How to create Nodes & its properties from Excel Directly

Started streaming 2782 records after 4 ms and completed after 426 ms, displaying first 1000 rows.



Thanks Gabriel,
I tried LOAD CSV - I get still errors as shown below, Thanks in advance

Because the name of your file includes spaces etc you might want to either see if the failure occurs if you either

a. rename the file so that it has a simply naming structure, and removing of spaces from the path/name

b. try urlEncoding the file:/// name such that whitspace in the path/file name is replaced by %20

Hi Dana
Thank you for inputs, I tried the query with %20 as well but getting error

to confirm this is an issue with the file refernece needing encoding of not, if you rename the file for example to load.csv and place said file into your dbms.direcotries.import path and then you should be able to run load csv with headers from 'file:///load.csv' as row return row; simply to test if you can read the file

Thanks Dana, This option helped to load the data in the system but does not create nodes and properties. See below the steps I followed, I have upload the file in import folder.

@sapguruhull correct. my last update was to break this problem down to its simplest case. Prior to my update your load csv was unable to read the csv. My update was simply to simpligy this to a very simple csv file and see if you could read the csv and return the contents. Which your update indicates you are now successfull at this.

now that we have verified you can read the csv and return its contents you now need to improve on the load csv and use it to create data, and thus

load csv with headers from file://emap.csv as row create (n:EAMAP) set n+=row;

which will create N number of :EAMAP labeled nodes and with the properties from the csv file