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How to use neo4j-admin import in community edition?


i am using Neo4j  Community Edition which runs as a standalone server in a Unix os. The server operates as a service which i can start, stop and find its status. From the documentation i learned that i can not use neo4j-admin import tool  because this tool prepares data to be inserted in a non existant  database. However in Neo4j community edition i can operate only with the default neo4j database and i can not create another. Is there a way to use neo4j-admin import? Can anyone provide the necessary details? Thanks in advance!


You can use the tool, by default it inserts into the neo4j database, so if you shut down the server and use --force it overrides the existing database, then after restart the new data should be available.

You can also chose a different database eg. --database mytest

And then in /etc/neo4j/neo4j.conf set mytest as the "active" database.