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How to Reclaim Unused Storage Space in Community Edition?

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I have deleted all the nodes and relationships in my database. However, I still can see that so much space is being taken. I found this guide in the neo4j website, but it doesn't seem to work for the community edition. When I type neo4j-admin in my shell I do not even get the command "copy" as an option. I found some posts online that suggest deleting some files in the path data/database/neo4j/... to get rid of the internal ids storage logs, while others recommend not doing so. I am not sure what's the correct way to handle this issue. I am using neo4j 4.4.5 and running it in ubuntu 20.04.


Sorry for that, that should imho not be the case. I never realized that it was released as an EE feature.

Could you use an EE docker image to run neo4j-admin copy?
Or just install Neo4j EE e.g. via debian package (or put the enterprise tgz in a folder) and run it from there?

Don't do the manual deletes 

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