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How to map mongodb data to neo4j


The project I am working on is planning to implement a new feature that is recommending products to the users(which are sellers in our case) based on their search and the stock they have. Currently, we are using MongoDB as database. To make the predictions we need to import data from MongoDB to neo4j with relationships. For mapping relationships, I referred to the following site and I was able to map relationships within a document but I was not able to map relationships among the table. Is there a proper way to import data from MongoDB to neo4j DB with relationships mapping?


Do you have more details about your collection?
Perhaps example documents and what you tried so far with the procedure?

Did you try the example from the article if that worked for you?


Mongo and Neo4j have very different concept. I think you need to re-think your db structure based on your requirement and create a script in your preferred language to do the migration.