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How to leverage Flash Memory to cache Neo4j data

Node Clone

Dear Neo4j team,

I had a big database with 100 million nodes and 30 billion edges. In summary the database cost 300GB disk. Therefore I can not fit it into memory. However, my server has large flash disk with very high iops. How can I leverage the driver as caching memory?
I can only use the flash disk to cache data because it was not persistent disk. When the server is reboot the data in flash disk will be wiped out.


Graph Buddy

Your idea is really interesting. I can't answer you but I searched for topics about allocating JVM memory on disk and found it's possible, declaring your flash drive as a swap partition, but it may degrade your drive faster and maybe GC process will be very slow.

If it works tell us, it would be mind blowing for me.

Node Clone

Many thanks, let me try and update you later.