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How to integrate traffic data in neo4j graph

Node Clone

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to build a traffic simulation solution using the neo4j graph. I have imported the map data from OSM. Image is a snapshot of neomap, displaying only highway roads.

Now I am looking to feed traffic-related data like current time to travel, congestion, incident, etc on between nodes(Junction) so that I can run my own custom algorithms to get business insights.

So my question is
1 : Is it possible to do such integration in real-time, knowing traffic value keeps changing, so does graph
2: Is their API Provider which offers traffic services, that can be directly used inside the graph.
3 : Any alternate solution to tackle the problem.


  1. something you could do is to capture traffic for each road with a congestion value that you can update, either a double value from 0..1 or you have number of vehicles (which gives you with the length and number of lanes of the road the congestion)
  2. don't know
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