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How to import a Map object to neo4j from a csv using neo4j-admin utility


Hello All,

I have been using neo4j-admin utility for sometime now to import around 400 million records with each containing on an average 30 properties. The records are in the format of multiple csv.

However I am facing a problem where I am trying upload a field with a map, but it seems there is no support for this. For example,

tt0133093,"The Matrix",1999,{one=1,two=2,three=3},Movie
tt0234215,"The Matrix Reloaded",2003,{four=4,five=5,six=6},Movie;Sequel
tt0242653,"The Matrix Revolutions",2003,{seven=7,eight=8,nine=9},Movie;Sequel

The documentation also mentions only this.

Use one of int , long , float , double , boolean , byte , short , char , string , point , date , localtime , time , localdatetime , datetime , and duration to designate the data type for properties. If no data type is given, this defaults to string . To define an array type, append [] to the type

I am using the neo4j OGM to fetch the data and it doesn't recognize the map object which I have defined when I try to fetch it.
Map valueMap<String,String>

"valueMap": "{one=1,two=2,three=3}"

If I store it using the OGM, I get below as an output and it is able to understand it.

"": "1",
"valueMap.two": "2",
"valueMap.three": "3",

Is there a way I can define the properties in the csv and then load it using the import utility, which can return me the above format ?


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