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How to get all the nodes with and without relationships

Node Clone

I am just trying to learn Neo4j with cyper 

here is the use case I want to find all the nodes with and without relationships 


match p=(a)-[]->(b)
with p limit 25
unwind nodes(p) as n unwind relationships(p) as r
with collect( distinct {id: ID(n), label: COALESCE(, n.title)}) as nl,
collect( distinct {id: ID(r), source: ID(startnode(r)), target: ID(endnode(r)), label: TYPE(r)}) as rl
RETURN {nodes: nl, relationships: rl}
but this query only returns nodes that have relationships but I also want to return all nodes that don't have relationships and want to merge the list with nl

Thank you so much 


Try the following if you want a list of each node that includes its list of relationships. Nodes without relationships will have null values for the relationship properties:


optional match (n)-[r]-()
with id(n) as node, collect({id: id(r), type: type(r), startNode: id(startNode(r)), endNode: id(endNode(r))}) as rel
return {node: node, relationships: rel}


 Try the following if you just want a list of all nodes and all relationships not correlated with each other:


with collect({id: id(n), labels: labels(n)}) as nodes
call {
    match (x)-[r]-(y)
    where id(x) < id(y)
    return collect({id:r, type: type(r), startNode: id(startNode(r)), endNode: id(endNode(r))}) as relationships
return nodes, relationships


Change the node's 'label' property to be what you want, and/or add additional properties from the node.