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How to forward Neo4j http/bolt to ngrok?


I am running my large Ne04j database on a dedicated Mac OS machine. I would like to access the database (via browser or via python drivers) from other machines that I am working on. I tried to forward the http port using ngrok. However, when I try to access the database from a remote machine using the ngrok forwarded URL, I can see the browser, but it fails to connect to the database using either neo4j+s or bolt+s URLs.
Is there a way I can achieve a remote access to my database?



Graph Buddy


Please open the configured port on server firewall so that one can access it through browser.

Thanking you
Sameer Sudhir G


Thanks Sameer. I can try that but I am not sure how this solves the problem. As I said, the Neo4j browser shows up which means it is accessible via ngrok. The database is not accessible. The browser says it cannot connect to the database.
Another point, I am using a machine within my LAN.

You can try other protocols with neo4j but you need to start some background Services and then may be you can connect to Neo4j server.
Thanking you
Sameer Sudhir G

Hi Sameer,

Can you be little more specific or give me an example of what background services I should start and how?


Are you running on which OS?

Hey Sameer

I am running on macos and facing the same issue, not able to access the database. Could you please tell how to resolve this issue.