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How to create an html link with cypher query using a variable

Node Link

Is it possible to do something like this below to generate clickable links taking the user to my NEO4J web browser instance with a cypher code to be plugged in directly?

<a href=' < /a>

I show the imaginary html link way of doing it above as an example how I would like it to work. Is there any way to program something that would take text from somewhere and plug it into the browser directly? I know my alternative is generating a Cypher code file and asking the user to download it and plug it into the browser; just checking if there is a more convenient way for the user.



Node Clone

As far as I know: Neo4J Browser is for development purposes. What you want is not supported by it.

Most likely you'll want to build a visualization layer on top of your DB.
Skim this article.
Maybe NeoDash is right for you.
There are javascript libraries also.
Example (Article is 4 years old)


Browser URL parameters - Neo4j Browser describes parameters you can pass on command line but do not see where we can pass a cypher statement

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