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How to connect to Neo4j database hosted on Virtual Machine

I have a virtual machine that i can access via SSH with ssh username@ipv4. I installed neo4j there and can access localhost on the machine, but I wasn't able to connect it to my machine through SSH via python. I am able to connect to the virtual machine using sshtunnel library (example 1), but then I can't connect to Neo4j because I don't know how to obtain the URI to connect to their python driver. How can I get the URI to access the neo4j database?

Here is my code

import logging
import sshtunnel
from sshtunnel import SSHTunnelForwarder
import sys
from neo4j import GraphDatabase

ssh_host = ''
ssh_username = 'username'
ssh_password = 'password'

def open_ssh_tunnel(verbose=False):
    """Open an SSH tunnel and connect using a username and password.

    :param verbose: Set to True to show logging
    :return tunnel: Global SSH tunnel connection

    if verbose:
        sshtunnel.DEFAULT_LOGLEVEL = logging.DEBUG

    global tunnel
    tunnel = SSHTunnelForwarder(
        (ssh_host, 22),
        ssh_username = ssh_username,
        ssh_password = ssh_password,
        remote_bind_address = ('', 7687)


def close_ssh_tunnel():
    """Closes the SSH tunnel connection.



#How do i get URI? tunnel.local_bind_port does not work
driver = GraphDatabase.driver(uri, auth=("neo4j", "password"))
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