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How to change string in to datetime type?

when i import CSV file into neo4j browser,there is a row called CreationDate. it has a different type of date format. so i use python to convert them into the same format. the python code is below:


however, i want this CreationDate data can be calculate in the neo4j, so when i import the final file into neo4j, use DateTime type but there always errors:


how can i change string type into DateTime type?
or how can i import appropriate format so that i can calculate easily


You don't need the brackets around {row.CreationDate}, as Cypher is interpreting this as a map literal, or as parameter access. Just use row.CreationDate without brackets.

What's worked for me is this:

datetime({['end date'],'ms', 'dd/MM/yyyy')})

Using a combination of the datetime() function and the function.

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