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How to associate a new Database (created in Browser) to a Desktop Project

I'm using Neo4j Desktop 1.2.7

When I'm in the Neo Desktop I can create a new Project and then I use the "Add Database" action to create a new "graph" in that project. The new graph appears to be created in the "neo4j" database because that is the database where I can access the "graph" when I open up the Neo Browser.

What I'm confused about is what happens when I create a new database in the Neo Browser. If I use the "CREATE DATABASE" command in the Neo4j browser to create a new database it shows up in the Browser under the "Use Database" dropdown. So, in the browser I can use the ":USE" command to switch to this database. How do I associate this new database with one of my Projects in Neo4j Desktop?



Graph Buddy

On the Project's page. Click "Add Graph Database". Then click "Connect to Remote DBMS".

bolt://localhost:7687 is the default URI set in that dialog, so I would imagine it should work!