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How do you find the byte size of your database in Neo4j Desktop?

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Really thought this would be easier but I can't find anything clear online. I'm seeing some people say something about looking at the size from the browser but couldn't find anything like what they used on my own browser. I'm assuming all of that's deprecated. I also saw this command:
du -hc $NEO4J_HOME/data/databases/graph.db/*store.db*
but haven't found any context behind it. What directory should I run this in? Should I be editing some of these phrases (e.g. should I change the "$NEO4j_HOME" or "*store.db*" phrases to something else and if so what). Overall just confused on how to do this.


Graph Buddy

This depends on the installation you're using. In case you're using a Bitnami image the directory will be /bitnami/neo4j/data/ but the logs and conf may be stored at /opt/bitnami/neo4j/

On a normal Linux installation the default directory is /var/lib/neo4j/

You can use CALL also to monitor the DB size you are using (including the logs)


:sysinfo gives you straightforward info about the size of the dmbs too