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How do I import CSV with multiple rows with same value in Data importer or Desktop?


So I'm working with trade data, and one of my columns has the same value for multiple rows. My understanding is that due to constraints only one instance is considered when creating a node. This works out for column A where I only need one instance of the country but I would like to have every instance of the country from column B.
My goal is to show a connection between all the exports and imports between country A and country B.

I've tried to undo constraint via cypher but that did not help.

If there's a better way to do it. I appreciate the help !!

Trade DataTrade Data



could you either place the import/export in a relationship between two unique countries, where the relationship type is either EXPORTS_TO or IMPORTS_FROM. if you don’t wAnt to use relationships, you could have an Export node and an Import node which have the export/import stats for properties and relate to the two participating countries. It would seem there always has to be an import for an export and export for an import, so can you have just one type?