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Help with Neo4j Bloom Touchscreen Navigation

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I would like to be able to navigate Neo4j Bloom on a touchscreen.  Controls generally work for me but some important pieces are missing.  Does anyone have an idea on how one could change the configuration settings to allow for:

1) One-finger dragging.  In an empty area with no nodes will drag the entire graph around (similar to how the mouse control works now)

2) Pinch to zoom in and out

3) Be able to run a Search using the search bar. Currently, none of the available touchscreen controls: left clicking, right clicking, and double-clicking work in running a search once the text is populated.

Any advice would be much appreciated!




Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, Bloom does not currently support touchscreen devices. This is something we can consider for future enhancements.


Thanks Jeff, from testing it with a touchscreen device, I think it's already about 90% of the way there.  I certainly hope that it does get support in the future.

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