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Help with modeling customer - employer - employment details


Hi, I am new to neo4j, busy bootstrapping a new service with spring boot, spring data, neo4j.
We have 2 tables, I am confusing in how to model them. So I have 2 tables Customer(firstName, lastName, id number, dob, maritalStatus, gender) and employement details (employer_name, employment_date, termination_date, employee_number, profession, employment_status, salary_frequency, monthly_income). After learning fundamentals of graphdb, I came up with the attached design.

My question, is it ok for relationship - WORKS_AT to have many properties. What is the impact of having many properties on search ? Or is there any best way to map. Also have another question, as per best practices how many number of properties a node should have so that searching, inserting / updating will be faster. I think you can edit here - if you want to add changes to existing model.

Thanks in advance

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