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Help please with creating a neo4j guide

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I followed the instructions on how to create a guide from

I got the guide repository

But when I run ./ adoc/restaurant_recommendation.html.adoc html/test.html

and open the guide in neo4j browser I get the whole thing in one page (ie not different slides), the code is not clickable. The output I get doesn't match the downloaded

Would really appreciate any help on what I am doing wrong and how to fix it?




Hi @nawar_alwesh !

I think you can start with the beginning before using these tools, which do a great job to automate most of the dirty work! This is an example that I have from the paysim database:

		<h3>Preliminary Data Analysis</h3>
		<p>We will use Paysim dataset for the hands-on exercises. Paysim is a synthetic dataset that mimics real world mobile money transfer network.</p>

		<p>Let’s explore the dataset.</p>

		<p>Database Schema and Stats</p>
		<pre class="code runnable">
			CALL db.schema.visualization();
		<p>Nodes and Relationships</p>
		<pre class="code runnable">
			CALL apoc.meta.stats();

First, the entire guide is enclosed by html tags. Every card with text or queries is separated by slide tags, here you can put images, videos, etc. with the corresponding tags. In this case, I also add header and paragraph tags to make it a bit more stylish. Those pre tags with class code runnable allow the text to be executable in browser.

I'd suggest to check your file (I tend to use neo4j-browser-guide as the extension for these) and see if it has the same structure. If not, maybe one of the steps wasn't done correctly. You can test your guide in Neo4j Desktop, by adding the file to your project, just drag the file into the File section, or copy them into the folder by your file manager. You should see them like this:


If you click the Open button, a Neo4j Browser starts up with the guide within it.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for your reply, that's what i ended up doing, just writing the html file myself. However i was really hoping to use the the asciidoc in the run shell script to convert adoc to html. Just wondering why it didn't work for me?