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Handle color of node in neovis.js

Node Clone

I'm using neovis for visualize the db in my web app.
I'm searching for a way to handle the node color. For example in my db there are the two type of node Friend and RemovedFriend. The first ones are yellow in the figure below, the second one is red.

I want to color the Friend node with green. Is there a way to handle the color?

Actually this is my config. I tried to add 'color' attrbute in labels without any results

let config = {
         container_id: "viz",
        server_url: "bolt://localhost:7687",
        server_user: "neo4j",
        server_password: "neo4j",
        arrows: direction,
        labels: {
            'User': {
                'caption': 'name',
            'Friend': {
                'caption': 'name',
                'size': dimension,
            'RemovedFriend': {
                'caption': 'name',
                'size': dimension,
        relationships: {
            "FRIEND": {
                "thickness": "count",
                "caption": false
   initial_cypher: cmd,

Node Clone

Thanks for your answer. I have already read that link, but I don't understand how can I handle colors. I tried to add a community for that nodes, but I didn't get any results

Hey did you find anything for this?