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Halin Monitoring - Neo4J Desktop


My aim is to integrate Neo4J with Halin to see some more advanced monitoring metrics. I followed the guide written by David Allen, and the application seemed to install correctly. However; when trying to run Halin monitoring I get an error.

-OS Version: Windows Server Datacenter 2016
-Neo4j Browser version: 3.2.18
-Neo4j Server version: 3.3.0 (enterprise)
-Neo4J Desktop version 1.1.17
-Halin application version: 0.8.3
-Error: Neo4jError: Unknown procedure output: database (line 4, column 44 (offset: 138)) " YIELD id, addresses, role, groups, database" ^

Attached screenshot, any help or advice would be much appreciated.




Hi Sean,

The simple reason why you're seeing this error is that Halin hasn't actively targeted support for version of Neo4j prior to 3.4.0. In 3.4.0, there were a number of changes introduced including new data types, and at this point 3.4.0 is about a year old.

Specifically -- the reason you're running into this bug is because Halin is probing your cluster to see which database it is running. To do so, it's using a stored procedure CALL dbms.cluster.overview(). The error you're seeing indicates that in version 3.3 of Neo4j, the "database" field was not part of the return type of that stored procedure, so Halin is looking for something that the database can't report, because it's an older version.

Are you an enterprise customer? I'm open to making changes to halin to support 3.3 if you cannot upgrade because of production requirements, it's something I can look into doing. If you're not an enterprise customer or this is not a production system, I think by far your best option would be to upgrade Neo4j, in part because it will fix the halin issue, but moreso because of all of the great things that came into Neo4j post 3.3.