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Graphql library @cypher directive not in where clauses

Hey everyone! 

I have a schema that looks like this 


I need to be able to filter by users that have completed a certain set of forms. I was able to add a @cypher directive onto my graphql schema like this:


completedTrack: Boolean!
statement: """
MATCH (this)<-[:SUBMITTED_BY]-(s:Submission)
WHERE EXISTS ((s)-[:SUBMITTED]->(:Form { type: $cypherParams.formTrackName }))

return count(s) >= $cypherParams.trackSurveys

I can sort by this value in my options when querying for users, but I am not able to filter by this value in my where clause. I noticed that other values that use the @cypher directive also have the same issue, which would be fairly big for my business logic. Is this a bug or intended feature? I would love to learn more on why they are left out of the where clauses that are generated. Thanks!

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