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Graph projection relationship mapping not parsed

Hi anyone,

I'm trying to use the extended map-syntax for the relationshipProjection variable for the gds.graph.project function and I'm just not understanding what my syntax error means.

CALL gds.graph.project('Testgraph2',['A', 'B', 'C'],{'BFO:0000050': {'orientation': 'UNDIRECTED','aggregation': 'DEFAULT','type':'BFO:0000050','properties': {}}})

Invalid input '{': expected "+" or "-"
"CALL gds.graph.project('Testgraph2',['A', 'B', 'C'], {"

I'm completely lost on why it expects the + or - sign, and the almighty search engine did not help me one bit.

I'm trying to use the map due to the fact that models only accept 'UNDIRECTED' edges, and so, I am assuming assigning this edge attribute in the mapping. So if anyone knows a better strategy advice is definitely appreciated.