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Graph Difference


Hello, I got a question. Is there any way to match and show graph difference? For example, I have an original graph and also a modified graph. This modified graph is generated by adding or removing a few nodes and relationships from the original one. Is there any way to find what nodes and relationships were modified? These 2 are different graphs. Hence I don't have any changing history or log to analyze. The way I come up with is to check each node's id and also its relationships, and see if they exist in the other graph. Any other ways? Thanks!


Graph Maven

Run these queries on each DB:

RETURN distinct labels(n) as lbl, count(distinct n ) as cnt order by cnt desc.

MATCH (n)-[r]-()
RETURN distinct type(r) as rel, count(distinct r) as cnt order by cnt desc

Export the results as .csv file and compare. This is the first step.