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Graph Catalog to Property Graph

Node Link

Hi ,

I have a multipartite graph as shown below. How can I make this converted into a monopartite graph to run a community detection algorithm (say, WCC) and save the resultant cluster/component id number on the actual property graph as a new property of participant nodes?


Hi, @farrukhjalali !

You can turn the graph into a monopartite by creating a graph projection (see: Graph Catalog - Neo4j Graph Data Science) that only takes one type of node, one type of label and a property.

You can write the result of the WCC algorithm by using the Write Mode of the algorithm (Weakly Connected Components - Neo4j Graph Data Science) or by variable assignment.

If you want an example of what you're trying to do, type this command in your Neo4j Browser:

:play gds-vtraining

Thanks @alejandropuerto .for answer and sharing training This is exactly what i was looking for.