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Graph algorithms Louvain Issue

Node Clone

Previously working Louvain queries no longer work on new graph algo version (Using Neo4j version Here is the error:

Neo.ClientError.Statement.SyntaxError: Unknown procedure output: community (line 7, column 14 (offset: 257)) "YIELD nodeId,community"

Doesn't seem to understand how to yield 'community' anymore.....


You can check the signature of procedures and functions to see what variables can be yielded:

call dbms.procedures() yield name, signature
where name contains 'louvain'
return *

Looking at the signature for, it looks like 'communities' is the variable yielded.

Or just CALL algo.list('louvain')

This is a regression, the "community" field should still be there.

"" " = :: STRING?, relationship = :: STRING?, config = {} :: MAP?) :: (nodeId :: INTEGER?, communities :: LIST? OF INTEGER?)"

Actually, it now appears to be "communities" instead of previous "community"

We'll change it to be backwards compatible.