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GDS Dijkstra needs Upgrade DMBS from 4.2.1 & GDS from 1.4.1

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I cannot use Graph Data Science Dijkstra Algorithm, because it does not exist in my version.
I use Neo4j Desktop 1.4.14, the DMBS is Enterprise version 4.2.1, GDS plugin is version 1.4.1.

Dijkstra Algorithm only exists from GDS plugin 1.8 upward. In order to use this plugin, I need to upgrade the DMBS.

I tried the sequential upgrade in Desktop (4.2-->4.3-->4.4 etc). However, failed several times on the first step. Computer works forever, nothing happens. New version seems to be installed. But DMBS is not migrated.

I did find the migration guide here, Upgrade checklist - Upgrade and Migration Guide

Unfortunately, I do not quite understand it. I am not in informatics but in history, so this is quite tough. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Elisabeth