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GDS 1.7: Unable to start database created from graph projection

Node Clone

MacBookPro 8-Core Intel Core i9
MacOS 11.5.2
Neo4j Enterprise 4.3.2
GDS Community 1.7

I am trying to start a Neo4j database from a graph projection named 'bakeryGraph'. I execute the call below and receive the expected response.
CALL gds.alpha.create.cypherdb( 'bakeryGraphDb', 'bakeryGraph' )

dbName graphName createMillis
1 "bakeryGraphDb" "bakeryGraph" 660

However, upon show databases i get the error below: Neo4j cannot start the database.

name	address	role	requestedStatus	currentStatus	error	default	home
"bakerygraphdb"	"localhost:7687"	"standalone"	"online"	"offline"	"Unable to start database `DatabaseId{53486866[bakerygraphdb]}`"	false	false

So i switch to System and try to start the database there; with the same basic outcome of unable to start the newly created database from the graph projection. Anyone out there have a similar experience or suggestions as to why I am unable to start the database? Is there a neo4j.conf statement required?

Thanks in advance...

Upon returning to graph projections after creating the graph database from the projection; i am unable to list the once existing projection:

call gds.graph.list



Failed to invoke procedure gds.graph.list: Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException