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GCP Deployment Python version

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Hi All!

I am running a the neo4j database in GCP through the marketplace enterprise solution deployed via the deployment manager. Turns out that some of the python code in that deployment is in python 2 which is not accepted by GCP anymore. Will neo4j be providing a new python 3 deployment or is there any other way to get over this issue? Thanks in advance!



Google's switch to python3 from python2 was just recently -- up until recently they actually required python2.

We can get this fixed, but can you be explicit about which bits you're having problems with or what you're seeing?

Hi David,
I am deploying neo4j enterprise via the GCP deployment manager. The deployment does finish but gives the warning below:

The GCP docs say that the python version is the issue and that they will deploy python 2 till April which is why although neo4j is deployed, it shows the warning sign.

Thanks! I'm filing an internal issue and we will follow up on this as soon as we can.

Thank you David. Hope to get an updated version soon.