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Flight with engine usage cost

Hi guys,

I’m looking into doing a business case for a friend and found Neo4J. Not sure if I can do what I need.

Basically the idea is to optimize the usage of plane engines.

So we have a flight schedule that need to be performed. But using a specific plane as a “cost” depending on the engines it has installed.

From what I’ve seen I would have the airports has the nodes, the edges as the flights, but not sure how to combine this all together, since he have a lot of combinations we can use. If we are talking about 15 planes, we can use a combinations of any of these.

Is this possible to accomplish with Node4J?





Graph Maven

You should start with planes as these are your core parts. Build a data model surrounding the planes like make, model, features, size, fuel costs and other elements. Once this Planes subgraph is ready, then you can flight and airports as top layers around the Planes subgraph. This is how I will start.

Thank you very much for your reply.

The end goal is to given a certain schedule, say a day or a week, get the best plane allocation (based on the cost), so to minimize the total cost. Would it be able to get this easy from such graph set up?

Graph Maven

Yes, you can