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Finding K-Shortest Path in Neo4j


Facing Problem in Finding K-shortest path in neo4j among 2M+ nodes,2M+ relationships, I have indexed data on node id and name.

Query :

MATCH p = (s:Test)-[:to*1..5]->(e:Test) WHERE = 'ABC' RETURN *, relationships(p),sum(reduce(sum=0,x in relationships(p) |sum+x.count)) as tt ORDER BY tt desc limit 4

Tried to find top-4 paths based on cost with at max 5 level and starting node is given.
This query is taking too much there any other better way to achieve this ?


Node Clone

Try Return to be a path, not use *.

You may want to try using K-shortest paths from the graph algorithms library.

@andrew.bowman I am using Yen's K-shortest paths algorithm. I want to get the relationship id's involved in the connection between the two nodes as well how should I do it.