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Failing to start neo4j automatically on ubuntu

I am running Ubuntu 18.04lts and neo4j 3.5.8
but for the life of me cannot get it to start automatically. the only way i can get it working is: sudo neo4j start

using systemctl (with sudo) says its running, but i cannot access the website.

i have followed neo4j documentation and other blogs etc but after hours im getting nowhere.

i do have it working on another box, but i cant work out how i set this up. this was using an earlier version of neo4j and ubuntu 16lts but have since been upgraded and still working fine.



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I am curious--are you running 3.5.8 CE or 1.2.1.Desktop?

In either case, I would double check the neo4j.conf and review the settings for connections.

Hi Alfonso,

This is 3.5.8 CE. I have determined the conf file is correct because if I run: sudo neo4j start
The server will be running and I can successfully operate neo4j without any issue.


Hi, are you saying that you ran "sudo service neo4j status" and it says that it is active but you can't access the browser ?
Have you run

systemctl enable neo4j