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Failed to read from defunct connection (Jupyter notebook, python driver )

Graph Buddy

I try to import data into a Neo4j VM in Azure.

This code works:

def create_article(tx):"CREATE (a:ARTICLE)")


But this code doesn't work:

def create_node_article(tx, id, title, label):"CREATE (a:ARTICLE {id:$id, title:$title, label:$label})", id=id, title=title, label=label)

for index, row in df_article_ids.iterrows():
    session.read_transaction(create_node_article, row['id'], row['cleaned_best_title'], row['label'])

I have the error:

Transaction failed and will be retried in 1.0608892687544587s (Failed to read from defunct connection Address(host='IP', port=7687) (Address(host='IP', port=7687)))

I don't know what I have to change or check. I also tried Neo4j Desktop and I have the same error.

Neo4j version: 4.1.3



Could you include the full code sample that you're trying to get working?


I have the same problem with the official Python Driver and Neo4j. I've been receiving this error: "Failed to read from defunct connection IPv4Address(('HOST', 7687)) (IPv4Address(('IPADDRESS', 7687)))"

It seems like there are already open GitHub issues for this, but there are no updates yet as far as I can tell.

Has anyone on this forum managed to solve this issue?

For me, I tend to see this error message particularly often on those days when my python code updates the Neo4j graph database with csv files around 1G or more. Based on what I read on those GitHub threads, at some point the Python driver loses the connection to Neo4j if a considerable amount of times has passed. But I still find that a bit odd because on other days the updates finish in about 6 hours so clearly the connection remains even after a couple of hours.

I'm going to try to increase the


parameter so that the connection is maintained longer but people are saying that does not solve the problem.


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