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Exporting RDF data

I'm trying to use neosemantics in docker environment, based on Configure Neo4j Labs plugins.

I can read the document(Chapter 1 through 4), and execute some cypher queries, such as import RDF.
However, in Chapter 8 (Exporting RDF data) , the command below doesn't work,

  :GET /rdf/neo4j/describe/206

and the result as shown below,

Could not fetch URL: "404 Not Found". This could be due to the remote server policy. See your web browsers error console for more information.

The Chapter 8 says,

The paths used in the following sections assume that Neosemantics is mounted at /rdf. If you’ve mounted the extension under a different name (instructions on how to do this can be found in the Installation section) all you need to do is replace the /rdf bits in the urls in the following examples with the name you’ve used. Also every request has to include the name of the database you’re working on, so in the examples below replace <dbname> with your database ( in the examples we’ll use 'neo4j' as it’s the default DB)

therefore I suspect that "/rdf" should be replaced with something. A clue seems to be as shown below,


At this moment, I'm stuck. Could you explain how to get alternative of "/rdf" , or
to explore value of "dbms.unmanaged_extension_classes" ?

In addition, neo4j.conf has no information for n10s. It seems that neosemantics uses default value ...

root@9bdb50a24446:/var/lib/neo4j# grep n10s conf/neo4j.conf

best regards, and thanks in advance


Can you just add that line to the config?

That should be enough.

Thanks, you're right. Last Saturday, I've tried in another environment (ubuntu 18.04, not docker environment), and I've been able to export to RDF.

I've installed neo4j and n10s, based on below
Also, I've added the line below, in the /etc/neo4j/neo4j.conf


In the procedure above, I understood how to modify config and to restart neo4j in ubuntu. So, I can try it in docker environment. However, I wonder if n10s which I installed supports exporting function( "RDF endpoint /describe method" is supported by Maybe I will try in Azure or AWS environment.

Hi @arakawa.hrs , I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you asking if the /describe method is supported in n10s 4.1.x ? If that's the question then the answer is yes but I have the impression that I'm missing something here. Could you please confirm?



Thank you for reply, and sorry for confusion.
My problem seems to be due to the docker container which I used,
in which old n10s (<= 4.1.x) would be installed.

I'll retry, based on n10s 4.1.x (after finishinng other works...).