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Export from one pc to import into another

My intention is to create a csv file from one Neo4j machine in one pc and import such csv file into Neo4j in another machine so that I can copy the graph that exists in another DB.

The export runs fine with the following schema:


But when I try to load using apoc.import.csv running the following lines

CALL apoc.import.csv(
[{fileName: 'file:/test.csv', labels: ['Person', 'MOVIE']}],
[{fileName: 'file:/test.csv', labels: ['RELATION']}],

I recieve the following error:

Failed to invoke procedure apoc.import.csv: Caused by: java.util.NoSuchElementException: No value present

What I am doing wrong? Is there any other way to copy the full graph in one DB into another? Should have I exported two csv, one for nodes and another for relations?



Other option instead of CSVs, you could just take a backup of the database and then restore that back up onto the next computer.