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export dump from windows to linux

Node Clone

how can i export a neo4j database from windows to unix. when i tried, i got the following error message:

neo4j-admin load --from=./globssb_28092022.dump --database=globssb --force

WARNING: Max 1024 open files allowed, minimum of 40000 recommended. See the Neo4j manual.

Not a valid Neo4j archive: ./globssb_28092022.dump

However, the export was generated on Windows without any error message


How did you generated it on windows?

How did you transfer it?

Can you try: file globssb_28092022.dump

and see what it outputs or look at the file with less or

hexdump -C globssb_28092022.dump

I generated it with (with ou any error or warning) :

neo4j-admin.bat load --from=C:\neo4jdata\dumpssb\globssb_28092022.dump --database=ssb --force

i tranfred it with scp command

Cimman file get :

file globssb_28092022.dump
globssb_28092022.dump: Dzip archive data, version 86.49

less commande :


hexdump -C globssb_28092022.dump (take time but work with no problem)

by the way , i imported it in another windows machine for test and it work well.
May be it's a version problem?


neo4j in windew : 4.4.5 enterprise
neo4j in linux :"Neo4j Kernel" | "4.0.12" | "enterprise"