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Export database - AWS Community AMI

Hi everyone,

We are having troubles with the Neo4j Community AMI, We need to export the data to other database, but we cannot use the apoc procedure:

CALL apoc.export.cypher.all("all-plain.cypher", { format: "plain", useOptimizations: {type: "UNWIND_BATCH", unwindBatchSize: 20} }) YIELD file, batches, source, format, nodes, relationships, properties, time, rows, batchSize RETURN file, batches, source, format, nodes, relationships, properties, time, rows, batchSize;l

It thows the next error:

Failed to invoke procedure `apoc.export.cypher.all`: Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Export to files not enabled, please set apoc.export.file.enabled=true in your apoc.conf

We tried to install apoc in our server. the .jar file was present, and we followed this steps:

  1. Download the apoc-<version>.jar into the /var/lib/neo4j/plugins directory
  2. chown neo4j:neo4j apoc-<version>.jar
  3. chmod 755 apoc-<version>.jar
  4. Open the neo4j.conf at /etc/neo4j/neo4j.conf and replace the line*,apoc.load.* with*,apoc.load.*,apoc.* and save it.
  5. Restart the Neo4j service by issuing the command systemctl restart neo4j

Note: Make sure that you have the right version of apoc jar downloaded. I'm using the neo4j version 3.5.5 and the apoc jar version I'm using is apoc- . Also make sure that you have the dbms.directories.plugins=/var/lib/neo4j/plugins uncommented in the /etc/neo4j/neo4j.conf

The problem is that each time we run:

systemctl restart neo4j

It resets the neo4j.conf to the original configuration.

Anyone knows how we can export this data?

Thanks in advance!

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