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Explanation of error "Security Error: 18" when using Internet Explorer and Neo4j Browser


When connecting to the Neo4j Browser http://localhost:7474 and using Internet Explorer 11, submission of cypher statements may result
in error message

Security Error: 18

As the Neo4j Browser is using websockets to connect , for example ws://localhost, you would need to add ws:\localhost\ to
Internet Explorer configurations ( Internet Options / Security / Local Intranet / Sites / Advanced) and as depicted.

To access the Internet Explorer configuration click the gears icon in the upper right corner of the browser.


Node Clone

Are there any other steps needed if the neo4j server is not running locally on the same machine but instead on a remote server elsewhere on a private network?

Instead of connecting to http://localhost:7474, I connect to

I tried adapting these instructions to by adding ws:// to the Local intranet list, but that still did not work.

Also, FWIW, http://* is in the Trusted sites zone. I also tried adding ws:// to the Trusted sites list, but that did not help either.

Do you connect via http or https?
if via https you either need a valid certificate on the server or accept the server's self-signed certificate.

I connect via http, not https