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Evaluating GDS & Spatial in Docker


Firstly, apologies if this is the wrong forum.

I'm trying, and failing, to get Neo4J V4.x.x to work with the following plugins:
2/ Graph-Algorithms (ALGO)
3/ Spatial
4/ Graph-Data-Science (GDS)
In Docker

I can get 1, 2 & 3 working in Neo4j 3.5.34-community, but not 4. I've tried all sorts of 4 versions: 4.4.3-community, 4.4.8-community & 4.3.9-community and I get problems with Spatial.

Is there a definitive guide to what version of plugin works with what version of Neo4j, rather like is provided for APOC (

Am I missing something fundamental, like "Don't bother, you can't do it in Neo4j 4.x.x."?

Are there clashes between the plugins that I am trying to use together that are obscurely documented somewhere?

I'm simply trying to demonstrate to my company how we can use Neo4j with our particular dataset. Aura and the like don't seem to want let me do what I want, unless I've missed something in the docs. And as a side note, if it's this difficult to set up a dev environment, it could be tricky getting adoption.

Any help, really appreciated.




There was a recent update to spatial in January or so to make it compatible with 4.x

also check out spatial algorithms which is much less complex.


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