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Error while doing neo4j-admin import

    1. Hello All, I am facing a strange import error and also I am unable to understand what's happening. here is what I have: 1. I have a ubuntu EC2 instance running. 2. I have setup Neo4j on the EC2 instance. 3. I am trying to import AACT dataset(10 GB) into a graph. 4. I have the AACT dataset in a folder on EC2(/neo4j_data/neo4j/). I am trying to use neo4j-admin to import the data by using the following command:
      /bin/neo4j-admin import --database=neo4j11 --nodes=/neo4j_data/neo4j/pending_results.txt.csv,/neo4j_data/neo4j/drop_withdrawals.txt.csv,/neo4j_data/neo4j/reported_event_totals.txt.csv,/neo4j_data/neo4j/conditions.txt.csv,/neo4j_data/neo4j/id_information.txt.csv,/neo4j_data/neo4j/active_storage_blobs.txt.csv,/neo4j_data/neo4j/interventions.txt.csv,/neo4j_data/neo4j/outcome_analysis_groups.txt.csv,/neo4j_data/neo4j/study_references.txt.csv,/neo4j_data/neo4j/brief_summaries.txt.csv,/neo4j_data/neo4j/provided_documents.txt.csv,/neo4j_data/neo4j/overall_officials.txt.csv,/neo4j_data/neo4j/calculated_values.txt.csv,/neo4j_data/neo4j/reported_events.txt.csv  --ignore-extra-columns 
    2. The import starts and ends without completion and my ssh connection breaks
    3. belowScreenshot 2022-09-25 at 12.14.05 PM.pngScreenshot 2022-09-25 at 12.15.15 PM.png screenshots describe how the error is occurring
      Any help appreciated! Thanks, in advance!!





Can you please raise this as a github issue instead?

Best if you could also provide the dataset link and your header files and the command line you use to run the commend.

And instead of the screenshots please provide the text output if possible, otherwise it's hard to reach and search.

There is also a debug log that neo4j-admin produces.

In general I suggest running such long-running jobs in screen or tmux so they continue running when your connection dies for whatever reason and you can reconnect to the session later.


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