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Error after upgrade of Neo4J desktop: "Graph App 'Neo4j Browser' is damaged and can't be opened. Please re-install the app.". + rescue of saved scripts?


The error I am getting: "Graph App 'Neo4j Browser' is damaged and can't be opened. Please re-install the app.". This happened after allowing Neo4j to do an update. However, I can't find any obvious way to reinstall the app, only to install a version alongside it (following the method suggested in this trail, where I had originally asked my question and was redirected to ask it here).

I am running I'm running Neo4J on MacOS Mojave v10.14.6

I have tried to install the browser app from the following URL ( ). This installed a new browser v4.0.2 alongside the broken one.

The second installation clearly works - I can run queries etc. fine. However, I had an extensive set of saved scripts that aren't available to the second installation (not sure if they would survive reinstallation of the first instance??), so I'm trying to see if I can grab those scripts and safeguard them or import into the second instance. Does anyone here know how to save those scripts?

For the error, debug logs show the following messages: Desktop.1e4412d522aa830c231e.bundle.js:141 [11:45:32:0019] Graph-App 'Neo4j Browser' execution blocked: signature verification failure. Error: Error: Invalid content digest.
at Object. (/Applications/Neo4j @neo4j /code-signer/lib/index.js:48:31)
at ()
at fulfilled (/Applications/Neo4j @neo4j /code-signer/lib/index.js:4:58)
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)

I would like to either fix my original installation of the browser, or harvest and import the saved scripts so I can continue with them in the new installation.

Any help gratefully received





go to ~/Library/Application Support/Neo4j Desktop/Application/graphApps/_global and delete the folder neo4j-browser and then restart desktop.

This will effectively remove neo4j browser as a graph app, and it should be re-installed when you restart.

This is tied to a bug in Desktop that's being fixed as we speak.

Thank you David. Just one check before I do this: will deleting this folder also delete my saved scripts? Or will the scripts survive the re-installation and be accessible for me?



Depends on what you mean by saved scripts, I'm not sure. This will not harm your projects or graphs. But if you're saving some scripts specifically within Neo4j Browser, it might, I'm not sure.

When you put a little star against a query in the browser and it saves the query in the pane on the left. These are the queries I am trying to rescue/safeguard, and yes, they appear to be specifically in the browser.

Is there any way to rescue those from files written by the browser somewhere in the filesystem (if they will not survive the reinstallation)?

I don't know. I wouldn't assume so, but you can try to keep a copy of your damaged browser installation in a separate folder. (This would guarantee they're saved somewhere). Once you restore browser they probably won't be there, but you might be able to get the queries out of some file in that directory.

@oskarhane would know much more about this if he's available.

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