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Enterprise pricing for Aura


Hey Guys! I am currently working as an analyst at a small to medium sized tech company. We are currently exploring the options to move onto a cloud based Neo4j, however, before we take the step, I would like some more information and was hoping that someone will be able to help πŸ™‚

Does the querying speed increase? I wrote a simple code to query the database through Python, however, the API connection was a little bit slow. I was hoping that by upgrading to a prmium version that we could keep the session open and query as we please, without slowing down by connecting the session each time.

My boss and myself would be the first users of the system, however, we would like to update the graph continuously and possibly increase the number of users past 12. Is this possible with he professional version? Is the CPU limitation imposed on the users within the system at once, or is it per registered IP addresses which access the database?

Thank you for reading and for the help!



Hello Ryan,

My name is John, Product Manager for Aura Free & Professional.

There is quite a lot here to go through, probably best answered in another manner, so we can understand your questions in more detail, and I can then loop in my colleague Paul, who is the Product Manager for Aura Enterprise.

I'll message you directly and share out e-mails with you to get that conversation started.


Actually I'll just share our mails here, and, please e-mail us and we can respond to you.